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Do you need a virtual assistant in the Netherlands? We are here to help! Please contact Daniëlle Molenaar to explore the possibilities. Send an email to hello@virtual-efficiency.nl.


Daniëlle Molenaar – Virtual Assistant Service

Daniëlle Molenaar is a multi-talented European-born & Australian-raised online entrepreneur with many years of experience in website development and a love for graphic design, PhotoShop & Mixed Media Collage. Daniëlle used her entrepreneurial drive to establish her web presence via a successful virtual assistant business, and a myriad of other online ventures. A natural speed reader, she can devour vast amounts of the written word at a pace that is mind-boggling and is also able to punch out code like there is no tomorrow. Currently, she resides in both Amsterdam & Palma de Mallorca. In her personal life, Daniëlle is a devoted wife and loving mother of four children.

Chamber of Commerce No. 37163434

  +316-13729273     hello@virtual-efficiency.nl