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How your images can help your site get more relevant traffic

"A picture is worth a thousand words" sure, this adage is true and so is the fact that images make a quarter of a web page weight in terms of data. Not only images make a page interesting and complete the story, but they also give the right SEO signals out, which help your rankings. Earlier it used to be about captions, alt text, and image size optimization. Now or in the near future, it’s about sticking close to the subject, in-image text, AI image analysis and more. Thanks to smarter AI, huge computing resources available with search engines and much better analytics, it’s about genuinely winning the user with your photos. And there are some things that can never go wrong. Read on… Learn how to get it right with images, to get your image SEO performing the way you want.
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How to boost your Instagram account with stock photography

boost your instagram free stock photography
A new decade just started and it’s all under the rule of Instagram. Recent studies have confirmed that in 2019 Instagram baked the cake and took a seat on top of it. Instagram is officially the king of social media engagement, outperforming Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest by as much as 40% in the time spent by users on the platform.
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Dutch Elections 2017: Memory Game

The Dutch are going to vote for their new prime minister on Wednesday the 15th of March 2017. Who will you vote for? Voor this event I have created a memory game called "Choose The Dutch Party Leader Memory Game". Each time you refresh the page the cards are shuffeled. Which means that you play a new game every time. Play now!
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The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photo Sites

free stock photo websites ultimate list
55 62 ultimate free stock photo sites. Here is the list. Take your time and browse through this resource list. Download your favourite -free for commercial use- high res images for your blog, website, project or social media campaign. How awesome is that?
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25+ Free Stock Video Websites to Download Free Stock Videos

stock video free download for website virtual efficiency
Having a beautiful video background on your website or landing page is an excellent way to draw attention to your product or service. Movement draws attention. Without further ado, please check out this list of 25 29 websites where you can download quality background videos. Enjoy.
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How to Create a WordPress website?

How do you create a WordPress website? I get asked that a lot. And there is no quick answer. Don't have a website? No worries. Building a WordPress website is not rocket science. Although doing it perfectly and visually pleasing does take skill. If you want to build your own WordPress website, check out the 3-hour video tutorial on this page.